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**Guidelines for coalition meetings** Used at USSF and other meetings

US Social Forum National Planning Committee
  • USSF Statement on urgency of political moment
  • Chico Whitaker Proposal for New Movement General Assembly- new format to WSF and International Council

  • USSF National Planning Committee documents
  • More US Social Forum Documentation
    • Note: The link above is a wiki page developed as part of the preparation and follow-up from the USSF 2010. It might serve as a model for furthering cooperation among scholar-activists and organizer-theorists since it has been developed through practices based in USSF organizing principle of intentionality.
    • Summary of early research on impacts of USSF process

People's Movement Assembly

WSF Free Palestine Background

World Social Forum Process
The following links provide analyses that relate to recent discussions about how best to structure the International Council of the World Social Forum. The IC is the effective decision making body for the WSF, but it has struggled to find ways to be representative of all movements around the world, including those not yet participating in the WSF process, and to have decision making procedures that don't reproduce the tendencies of the dominant, patriarchal institutions of the existing world-system to marginalize particular groups (e.g., women, low-income, people of color, migrants, speakers of non-dominant languages, etc.).

The most recent WSF IC was held in Monastir, Tunisia. The site was chosen to help the IC support the process of groups in that region to mobilize in preparation for the 2013 World Social Forum, to be held in Tunis March 23-28.

Report on WSF Preparatory meeting in Monastir, July 2012

Report of the Working Group on the future of the WSF: An analysis of the operations of the International Council, its needs for greater transparency and representativeness, and need to respond to new political situation. Submitted by Gina Vargas and collaborators.

Gustave Massiah "Reflections on the Global Situation and the Renewal of the Alterglobalisation Movement " (26 July) The WSF in larger context of crisis and growing insurgencies.
Gustave Massiah "Reflections on the current social forums process" (23 January 2012) Observations of the International Council of the WSF for discussion at IC meeting Nov. 2011.
Chico Whitaker "Reflections on the functioning of the World Social Forum International Council"

Outline of Initiative on Scholar Activist network linked to WSF Process

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