WSF Free Palestine – Joint Struggle Initiative (Working List)
Last Updated: September 7, 2012

Azadeh Shashahani I was born and raised in Iran and came to the US when I was 16. I’ve been active with Palestine solidarity since college at U of M. Since graduation from law school (also Michigan), I’ve been working with the ACLU focusing on discrimination against immigrant and Muslim communities in North Carolina and Georgia. I’ve also been active with the National Lawyers Guild International Committee and have joined delegations to Tunisia and Egypt in the past couple of years along with Suzanne and other friends. I currently serve as President-Elect of the NLG.

Alex Cachinero-Gorman Born in Spain, Alex grew up on the East Coast of the US. Got involved in Palestine solidarity movement at Hampshire College, seeing through successful divestment and moving on to be a part of a variety of formations in the Western Mass area. Last year, co-founded Punks Against Apartheid to urge Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedy’s fame to cancel his Israel trip and won! Since then, have been building in the local punk scene in Chicago and participating in a series of rabble-rousing efforts. In their free time Alex does freelance translating & interpreting for a number of lefty & radical outlets. As regards WSF-FP: particularly interested in supporting any media work, and building that up as much as possible--in coordination with the Communication Commission in Palestine. Also very interested in participating in the delegation in order to network w/ other activists, build Punks Against Apartheid, and possibly write for Electronic Intifada.

Bina Ahmad I graduated from Northeastern University School of Law. I am a lifelong human rights and animal rights activist. I was exposed to social justice through my family, being the daughter of Pakistani immigrants and an Ahmadi Muslim, a heavily persecuted sect within Islam. In undergrad, I was a key organizer with the Madison chapter of Al-Awda, and started the student animal rights group on campus. In law school, being the only law student to focus on Palestine, I organized with the New England Committee to Defend Palestine, and completed a legal internship in the West Bank with Al-Haq, in Ramallah, and completed another legal internship at Human Rights Watch. I have also worked as a staff attorney at PETA, and worked pro bono with Farm Sanctuary and the Center for Constitutional Rights. I am currently a member of the New York City chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, an Executive Committee member, and an active member of the Muslim Defense Project of the NLG and NY-TUPOCC. I was honored atthe National Lawyer’s Guild New York City chapter 2012 Annual Spring Fling for my criminal defense and civil work surrounding Occupy Wall Street. Currently I am also serving as a legal clerk for the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, taking place in October in New York City.

Darryl Jordan (formerly Third World Coalition of AFSC)

Flo Razowsky Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, IJAN National Organizer, Co-Founder and core organizer MN Break the Bonds (a state-wide campaign to divest Minnesota money from Israel Bonds), artist & community organizer, spent several years living in Palestine supporting Palestinian-led non-violent resistance to Israeli Apartheid/Colonization, spent several years living at Big Mountain/Black Mesa supporting Indigenous Dine resistance to US colonization.

Gabriel Schivone: Was born in Tucson (indigenous Chukshon), where I still live, work and study. My background has informed much of my thinking and politicization, being a proud half-breed composed of part Mexican-indigenous (from mother born in Sonora, Mexico) and part white settler (from father born in Europe).

Jaime Veve, labor organizer and previously with the Young Lords

Jennifer Mogannam, Palestinian Youth Movement

Jimmy Johnson, Is a Detroiter and organizer.

Kali Akuno: Kali Akuno is a member of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and Acting Co-Director of the US Human Rights Network . Kali also served as the former Executive Director of the Peoples' Hurricane Relief Fund based in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is also a co-founder of the School of Social Justice and Community Development, a public school serving the academic needs of low-income African American and Latino communities in Oakland, California.

Lee Gargagliano I am a national organizer with IJAN and was based in Chicago until I moved to the Bay Area a month ago. I began doing organizing around Palestine at Oberlin College about 10 years ago. While IJAN has been my main political work in recent years, I was exposed to a number of different movements growing up in New York--anti-globalizaion, anti police brutality/pic, anti death penalty etc. I also studied on the Mexico/US border which was formative in my thinking and organizing.

Loubna Qutami, Palestinian Youth Movement

Maryam Zohny A Palestinian-Egyptian New Yorker. Currently the Program Director at the Center for Palestine Studies (CPS) at Columbia University; the first such center on Palestine at an academic institution in North America. Prior to working at CPS, I obtained a MA in International Affairs from Columbia University, as well as my BA. I have done a lot of local and national organizing on Middle Eastern issues, primarily related to Palestine and Egypt. I am not affiliated with any specific group, but I collaborate on and work in solidarity with a broad spectrum of organizations. Two of the most recent efforts have been helping to organize the National SJP Conferences and spearheading the Russell Tribunal on Palestine in New York this upcoming October. In addition, I co-founded and direct a volunteer-run educational empowerment program for Palestinian refugee youth in Lebanon called LEAP (Learning for the Empowerment & Advancement of Palestinians).

Mich Levy: Mich Levy is a co-founder and international co-coordinator of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network. Mich has been active in anti-Zionist and Palestine solidarity work since the second intifada and in anti-war and anti-racist movement since the first Gulf War. Mich lived in Israel as an anti-Zionist Jewish activist for three years, from 1999 to 2002.

Monami Maulik, DRUM

Nada Elia USACBI, Palestinian activist and a writer and professor. She writes, teaches and organizes around post-colonial, anti-sexist/gender justice/queer liberation, Palestinian liberation, against war, and more.

Nina Farnia: I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I now live in the bay area, and I’m currently the national campaign coordinator for the Coalition on National Security and Rights; this is a new national coalition begun by a group of policy, community organizing, and legal organizations to change the policies enabling the FBI to engage in surveillance and the use of informants. I began doing student organizing while I was at the University of Chicago in late 90s/early 2000s, and then became a youth organizer at the Southwest Youth Collaborative and Arab American Action Network in Chicago, working on racial profiling issues facing Black, Latino, and Palestinian youth. I moved to LA in 2004 to attend law school and also work in the Iranian community there. Since finishing law school, I’ve been active in anti-racial profiling class action litigation against local police departments and the FBI, and employment discrimination class action litigation against Walmart. I’ve also done support/organizing work for the Midwest activists who were subpoenaed and targeted for their international solidarity work. I currently sit on the board of the NLG Bay Area chapter, and am active in The United People of Color Caucus of the NLG as well. The biggest political concern occupying my mind right now is what to do about the sanctions against Iran, and the new wave of war threats. I’d love to talk a little about this during our weekend together, time permitting.

Paztel Mireles: Lives at the US/Mexico border, is a leader in the movement of political danza circle of Cuauhtemoc, does cross-border organizing with indigenous youth and was an organizer in the student strikes in "68 Mexico City, works on Environmental Justice, Immigrant Rights, anti-Colonial struggles

Phil Hutchings, Black Alliance for Just Immigration

Rabab Abdulhadi,AMED

Rebekah Lizalde: Also to give a bit more info about me politically quickly as I was doing political work long before I meet Paztel with the American Indian Movement here in Minneapolis and South Dakota. I also have and cont., to do Cuban solidarity work and have been there several times bringing in Medical supplies, books, etc., I have done police brutality organizing against it in L.A., and other cities, have participated in Indigenous sacred site protection movements in the Midwest and Southwest, also I lived and supported the Dine traditional peoples of Big Mountain and Black Mesa. And have continually been active in Chicano and Immigrant rights movements throughout L.A, SouthWest and Minnesota. I have been a danzante in the political danzan circle of Cuauhtemoc since 2001. Have been active in many solidarity and direct action movements with the Zapatistas of Mexico as is my teacher who are also bringing to the table. That is just a bit about me as always to all of us there is more.

Sanyika Bryant, MXGM

Sara Kershnar: Sara Kershnar is the co-founder and co-coordinator of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network. Sara began her Palestinian solidarity work during the second intifada. Sara is also a co-founder of Generation FIVE, an organization working on transformative justice approaches to addressing child sexual abuse. After her father tested positive for HIV, Sara began her organizing and social justice work in the harm reduction and HIV movements.

Shauen Pearce: I was an organizer with a number of LGBT organizations including GLSEN, have a background in policy advisement, crisis intervention, campaign organizing and culturally based public education. At FOR I have served as the Director of youth and militarism, director of the program department, representative to the UN, designer, and Director of the Task Force on Social Economic and racial justice. My focus is on the intersections of economic justice, racial justice and spiritual soundness in the midst of demilitarizing our lives and mama tierra.I currently am focused on supporting students and allies in new orleans around counter-recruitment and gun violence, the renewal of community connections amidst rampant racism and political assassinations of people in Chicago, the establishment of an economic lever against the national rifle association, supporting and forwarding the end racial profiling act and various efforts around the use of drones in the us and middle east and the gun/drug war in the americas. I also spend a great deal of time on training and education for you, religious peace fellowships and others around the prison military industrial complex and nonviolent direct action.I keep a lot on my plate but there is a bit. I am a scientist at heart and an artist in my spirit but a lover through and through.

Stephen Mahood: I am labor activists having studied for a masters at the UMass Amherst Labor Center, where I began to combine my commitment to social movements and software libre movements and continue to do so with the cyberunions podcast. Though I began a doctorate in Higher Education I discontinued the program, though remain deeply interested in critical education analysis. During graduate school I was on staff organizing with UAW 2322 for the graduate students at UMass. Following graduate school I have been active with Mass Jobs with Justice and organized with Unite-Here in Boston. I was very active with Occupy Boston and the tech team where I was introduced to May First / Peoples Link. In November of last year I took an opportunity to study spanish in Guatemala and then after moved to Mexico City. Besides being an active member of the May First / Peoples Link, here in Mexico I am active with MX toma la calle an indignados movement group and Fuente Roja a group that embroiders the stories of the 50,000 people killed because of the war on the narcos.

Sue Goldstein: Sue is a member of many Palestine and other organizations in Toronto. She works with Canadians Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA), IJAN, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, and many other queer liberation groups. She's also been involved in solidarity with First Nations struggles and the Roma struggle as well as anti-capitalist struggle more broadly. originally from new york, i now make my home in toronto, ontario where i am active with women in solidarity with palestine, the coalition against israeli apartheid, and independent jewish voices, canada. i am also a member of IJAN. one of my many interests is to find ways to build across movements. one vehicle we have upcoming in toronto is the conferring of an honorary degree from the friends of haifa university to canada's minister of immigration (really, the minister of deportation) in november. this has brought together the roma community, palestine solidarity groups, and immigrants' rights and anti-poverty organizations. in my spare time which i seem to have none of, i am an artist and a writer.

Suzanne Adely, Labor Organizer and Al Awda NY

William Copeland is an organizer and cultural worker from Detroit. He works as EMEAC's Stand Up Speak Out Youth Director. He is a founding adult ally for the Young Educators Alliance (YEA). He served as one of the local coordinators for the 2010 US Social Forum and participated in the 2011 Detroit 2 Dakar Delegation to the World Social Forum held in Dakar, Senegal. He is also currently working on creating the D.Blair Theater Space and LightBox Youth Media Productions in the space of the Cass Corridor Commons and has significant affiliations with the healing justice movements in Detroit and nationwide.

Xia Xiang: educator and organizer, is a resident of Chicago and has a long history of working for immigration, civil, and human rights, Black Liberation/, racial and environmental justice in addition to gender justice and queer liberation. Xia is multi-lingual speaking Portuguese, Spanish and a number of other languages and serves as a board member of Affinity Community Services and on the steering committee of Black Immigration Network.

AROC representative (Lara, Lily, Sami)

Linda Quiquivix

Pierre LaBossiere

Walter Riley

Kristin Szremski (likely)

Nell Myhand

Jose Vargas, Iraq Veterans Against the War

Melissa Garcia

Jason Ferreira

Jorge Matos