This page was created following the Pittsburgh Coalitions Workshop on October 5-6, 2012. It will be used for collaborative research on writing toward a short-term USSF report to funders and as an outreach tool for the next USSF. This project is also referred to as the 'quick and dirty' collaborative work for 2012 reports.

NOTE: Also invited to this work are a few people from the Resource Development Committee of the USSF whose NPC members are interested in short-term and long-term documentation and writing. They are: David Cobb (Move To Amend Coalition), Jacqui Patterson (Women of Color United), Monica Beemer (Poverty Working Group), Victor Arbulu (USSF Accountant-Bookeeper), Makani Themba-Nixon (The Praxis Project) -- Jackie can you send them an invite to this wiki?

The primary areas of work for this project include:

  • Pieces for reporting (brief analytics) to USSF funders and for outreach on outcomes of USSF Forums in 2010 and 2007
    • Immediate need is for an outline to share with the USSF National Planning Committee at the next in-person meeting in Chicago, Nov. 9-11, 2012.
    • By early December 2012, we need a report draft.
  • Anecdotal evidence on outcomes using four case studies on three categories -- write a 3 page narrative on each:
    • Categories: Peoples Movement Assembly (PMA), Caravans, Alliances
      • There are more categories that need to be outlined as part of a larger, long-term report.
    • Case studies:
      • PMA: EcoJustice through East Michigan Environmental Action Council (EMEAC), to include convergence of indigenous people, environmental justice groups towards a new campaign.
        • Point people for this work: Janet and Cindy
      • PMA: Poverty Summit through Michigan Welfare Rights Organization (MWRO) and Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC), to include March for Our Lives, Assembly to End Poverty and World Court of Women in U.S.
        • Point people for this work are: Leslie and Sylvia
      • Caravan: Boston Freedom Ride and Right To The City, to include initial proposal for Occupy Wall Street protest.
        • Point person for this work: Jeff
      • Alliance: Domestic Workers Alliance
        • Point people for this work: Nella and Cindy
    • Future 3 page narratives may include:
      • Alternative media, youth involvement
      • Effect of Detroit as a centrality for USSF

  • List of alliances, coalitions built through USSF and PMA

Some data for this work can be found on the Documenting and Evaluating page of the USSF 2010 Planning Wiki
  • Sylvia and Jackie will review that wiki for material that may be useful for the short-term report(s).