Organizing Kit and Resources for the World Social Forum Free Palestine

US Social Forum Joint U.S.-Canada Delegation and the case for Joint Struggle Across Borders
Link to WSF Free Palestine site.

Who's on the U.S.-Canada Delegation to the WSF-Free Palestine?

Book Review of Global Palestine by John Collins " we are all becoming Palestinians" (written by Mohammed Bamyeh)

  • Organize local activities to inform people about the WSF Free Palestine and the Palestinian struggle. Inform us of your activity at and ahead of time to help promote it globally
  • Send us photos, videos of your activity to display them in Porto Alegre.
  • During the WSF Free Palestine, let’s all use the Twitter hashtag #wsfpalestine to promote our actions and don’t forget to follow @WSFPalestine to follow the action as it unfolds!
  • The World Parliamentary Forum - Free Palestine will take place in the afternoon of November 30. Follow the conversation:
  • Email your support to
  • Join Solidarity Action Days Nov. 28-Dec. 1 2012-- Organize in your community to raise awareness of the work being done at the WSF Free Palestine
  • Host a meeting after the WSF Free Palestine to share information about what happened. Invite someone who went to the forum to report back on what they did and what they learned. (See resources for groups below).

Resources for Groups
  • Discussion questions- Organize events to educate your community about the issues behind the WSF Free Palestine
  • Fundraising ideas-support a delegation to the WSF Free Palestine
  • Plan an event to show webcasts from WSF Free Palestine, in Porto Alegre Brazil Nov. 28-Dec. 1, 2012
  • Host a report back event with people who participated in the US Social Forum delegation to WSF Free Palestine.