Pittsburgh Social Movements Workshop

INoSA People's Movement Assembly:

The Changing Landscape of Higher Education:

Austerity, Precarity & Graduate Student Workers


Social Movements & Global Crisis: Coalitions and Conflict in Contemporary Social Movements

October 4-6, 2012 University of Pittsburgh (Workshop Archive)
  • Background Documents--On the state of the World Social Forum and US Social Forum process as it relates to questions of how we sustain work to build social movements for social transformation.
  • Workshop Discussion Questions Guides for discussion and thinking about issues facing groups working to build sustainable alliances across differences like class, race, gender, nationality, etc.

Summary Report (Draft)

Call for papers-Community Based Research

Workshop Projects
  • Develop a network of scholar-activists that will expand our capacity for documentation and evaluation & bring new resources and skills to movement-building work.
  • Host a Democracy Working Group at the University of Pittsburgh to explore lessons about democracy emerging from social movements.
  • Support US Social Forum process documentation and evaluation needs:
    • Tracing outcomes of US Social Forum:How have groups and networks participating in USSF developed over time? What lessons and experiences have been shaped by the USSF process?
      • USSF short-term documentation project-- 'quick and dirty' collaborative work for 2012 reports
        • Pieces for reporting (brief analytics) to USSF funders and for outreach on outcomes of USSF Forums in 2010 and 2007
        • Anecdotal evidence, four case studies on three categories
    • Telling the story of the USSFand local organizing experiences--and doing so with the intentionality of the USSF. That is, ensuring that the voices of those doing the work are at the core of the work and that the research process is collaborative and inclusive of activists who made the USSF happen.
      • USSF long-term documentation project-- collaborative work during 2012-2013
        • Listing of outcomes from cities, alliances, caravans, movement people, Detroiters that participated in USSF
        • Research, story-telling processes and experiences related to relationship building among organizations and participants, including interviews of Detroit Anchors and Detroit Local Organizing Committee
        • Multimedia archival work
        • Outreach video for next USSF
    • Connecting the USSF with the larger World Social Forum process

Workshop Co-Sponsors: Department of Sociology; Global Studies Center , the University Center for International Studies and the Office of the Provost through a Global Academic Partnership grant; Center for Latin American Studies; & Institute for International Studies in Education at the University of Pittsburgh